Intelligent Street Lighting Control System

Aug 28, 2023

Case Study: Intelligent Street Lighting Control System

Client: City Municipality

Business Challenge: The Middle Sized City was struggling with rising energy costs and public safety concerns related to their traditional street lighting system. They needed an efficient and adaptive solution to control street lights, decrease energy consumption, and improve safety features, all while being compatible with existing infrastructure.

Solution: Randlab, a leading provider in smart city technologies, designed and deployed an Intelligent Street Lighting Control System for the municipality. The system allows individual remote management of street lamps up to 400 watts and employs autonomous sensors, intelligent ON/OFF switching, dimming, and motion-activated lighting functionalities.

Key Features and Functionalities:

  • Remote Management: Allows individual remote control of street lamps (on/off/dimming), enabling fine-tuned management of the city's lighting infrastructure.

  • Adaptive Lighting: Utilizes motion detection to adapt lighting intensity based on human presence, significantly reducing energy wastage.

  • Scheduled Operations: Predefined schedules can be set to manage lighting levels based on time or external conditions like weather.

  • Energy Saving: Designed to reduce energy consumption by up to 40% through intelligent control mechanisms.


  • Reduced Energy Costs: Achieves energy savings up to 40%, leading to significant reductions in municipal expenditures on public lighting.

  • Enhanced Public Safety: Adaptive lighting and scheduled operations ensure well-lit streets when required, contributing to increased public safety.

  • Operational Efficiency: Remote and automated management removes the need for manual intervention, making the system more operationally efficient.

  • Sustainability: Lower energy consumption contributes to the city's sustainability goals.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: The system is designed to accommodate future technological advancements and can be adapted to meet evolving urban needs.

Conclusion: Randlab successfully implemented the Intelligent Street Lighting Control System for the City Municipality, marking a paradigm shift in how the city approaches public lighting and energy management. The system’s advanced features not only made the city's lighting infrastructure more efficient but also set a foundation for the development of a smarter, safer, and more sustainable urban environment.

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