WindVox is an innovative acoustic monitoring system tailored for wind energy applications. It leverages cutting-edge audio technology to analyze the distinct sounds produced by wind turbines, providing invaluable insights into their operational health and performance. By interpreting acoustic signatures, WindVox can detect early signs of mechanical issues, optimize maintenance schedules, and enhance overall operational efficiency. This advanced system is a pivotal tool in ensuring the longevity and reliability of wind energy assets, contributing to a more sustainable and productive renewable energy landscape.

"We've been searching for a robust and dependable IoT gateway solution to power our product. Randlab's IoT Gateway exceeded our expectations. Its seamless integration, reliability, and real-time data processing capabilities have been instrumental in ensuring peak performance."

Wojciech Jeznach

CEO, Founder

Our IoT-based solution revolutionizes data collection from heat and water meters, integrating seamlessly with controllers and weather regulators. Powered by the dedicated concentrator, it enables real-time monitoring of heating and hot water preparation. The user-friendly interface allows for easy customization and swift implementation, optimizing heating substation operations with precise daily readings.

"Partnering with Randlab has been transformative for us at NETIA. Randlab's team excelled in seamlessly integrating our solutions into our partner's infrastructure. Their expertise and dedication have greatly enhanced our IoT offerings. Randlab IoT is a trusted partner in our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions."

Janusz Figurski

Head of IoT, Netia Next


Leveraging electronic pulses and signal reflection, a TDR2 solution enables accurate determination of cable length, identification of impedance irregularities, and pinpointing of faults or disruptions within the network. This comprehensive approach proves invaluable across various industries, including telecommunications, heat distribution, and networking, ensuring optimal performance, rapid fault detection, and timely maintenance.

"What truly sets Randlab apart is their unwavering commitment to excellence. Their collaborative approach, coupled with their proactive communication and project management, ensured that we met our milestones efficiently and without any compromise on quality."

Krzysztof Kostyra

CEO, Founder

This project aims to develop and commercialise an innovative product - the CLINICAL FRIDGE. The system will revolutionise the way medical substances are circulated during clinical trials. The new system will have a hardware layer in the form of SCCT® device (Smart Container for Clinical Trials), which is an intelligent container for clinical trials, and a software layer enabling monitoring and analysis of the flow of medical substances in many research centers simultaneously in real time.

"From the very outset, Randlab exhibited a profound understanding of our industry's unique challenges and requirements. Their team of experts displayed a remarkable ability to translate complex technical concept into practical, innovative solution."

Michał Krużycki

Product Owner

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