Work with the best IT specialists on the market

See how we can help you with finding the best talents from anywhere in the world. Indicate who you need and we will match perfect candidates. Build superb team with us!
Work with the best IT specialists on the market
Work with the best IT specialists on the marketWork with the best IT specialists on the market

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With Rand/lab, you won't have to wonder how to find the best talents. We will connect you with an excellent candidates who will work with your team just as an in-house team member.

Tell us what your dream candidate is?What technology stack is needed? What specific skills are require?
We will find the perfect match for you!We will let you know the status of your request within a few days.
Our candidates become part of your team!As soon as you accept the specialist recommended by us, canditate will be ready to integrate into your team.
Build Extraordinary Teams with Rand/lab!
Software development
We have a proven track record of developing and implementing cutting-edge digital projects.
Our tested and continuously developed processes ensure that we deliver to the highest standards.

We are able to rapidly build and scale project teams using our talented team of developers, engineers and project managers.
We offer full-service development
A business partner for your project success!
Realize your idea!Materialize your idea for your dream product. Think through the basic features of your product together to achieve business success and eliminate feasible mistakes..
HardwareWe are creating connected devices from a scratch.
Mobile and Web applicationsImplement beautiful and responsive user interfaces that are highly-interactive and give users a native-like experience.
SoftwareCraft beautiful and engaging digital products that impress your customers from the first moment.
IoT System IntegrationAs a systems integrator, Randlab deliver IoT solutions that provide scalability, security and resiliency for your applications.
A business partner to ensure the success of your project!
Rand/lab is a team of business-savvy geeks who love to treat projects as their own - we've been involved in building and scaling products at all stages of development.

From initial R&D and prototyping to proof of concept and MVP, we bring your product to market and help you overcome any challenges along the way.

We work as partners with our clients, helping them create innovative products and realize their dream vision of reality.