Let the perfect job to find you itself

Working for market-leading companies has never been easier. At Rand/lab, you manage your own career. Gain experience and earn money working remotely for world-class clients.

Why do top freelancers choose Rand/lab?

Top Clients
Top ClientsAt Rand/lab, we will find you your dream project at one of the world's many leading organizations. All Rand/lab clients are carefully screened for the budget they have, their skills, and their competence.
The work comes to you
The work comes to youGet a pass to a wide range of freelance opportunities, from part-time to full-time positions with top companies, from start-ups to large organizations. We vet every client opportunity and match you with jobs that match your preferences and skills.
Work From Anywhere
Work From AnywhereWith Rand/lab, if you have a laptop and access to WiFi, you will enjoy the flexibility of working remotely anywhere and on your own terms.
Don't worry about money
Don't worry about moneySet your desired rate and enjoy a steady income with no overhead. We handle all billing and invoicing directly with clients, so you can focus on your work-related tasks

The most annoying part is done by us!

Finding a job usually means browsing job listings, multiple interviews and a constant search, all at once. When you join Rand/lab, you choose your own path.

1. Showcase your servicesEngage and impress customers with your portfolio by sharing a variety of projects that include your best work
1. Create an account and complete your information When creating an account, enter basic information about yourself, specify your work experience and financial requirements. Based on this, we will look for a project for you.
2. Seeking clientsBe more successful in getting work by constantly seeking clients for various projects.
2. Recruitment processYou will demonstrate your knowledge of English and show your programming skills in your field through an online test, participate in a live problem-solving session and complete a project.
3. Take part in numerous consultationsMeetings with clients are the best way to get to know them and understand how your skills match their needs.
3. Let's start working together!Welcome to Rand/lab! Our team will connect you with phenomenal projects at top clients and help you during onboarding!
4. Start the workWhen you find a job, show your experience and ideas that will result in project development.
5. Take part in several projectsJuggle trying to secure and work on multiple projects simultaneously
6. Continue to seek clientsWork on projects while advertising your services to secure project continuity
7. Send invoices and take care of fundsManage client billing and payment while working on projects and advertising your services.
Join our network.

Let's create a community together!

Take part in activities with other people from the company after work. Chat, play games, socialize.

Join our discord to stay in touch with other developers and take part in the activities.
Go out to the city together, play soccer or go to the mountains.
Let's meet at company events, trainings and integration meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Randlab?
"What is Randlab? Randlab is a large network of top professionals from around the IT world, hired to work on major projects. Randlab is a fast-growing, fully remote network of freelancers and enables specialists to work on projects around the world, grow and excel in their freelance careers."
What makes us stand out ?
Our company works with the best specialists from around the world. By going through our screening process, you become part of our trusted network of experts. Clients rely on the qualifications of Our freelancers. You don't have to build your reputation from scratch with endless reviews. Randlab takes over client billing issues so you can focus on career-defining work with top clients. You set your own rate and get paid on time every time.
What are the benefits of joining the Randlab network?
The most important benefit is that, you will get access to job opportunities that match your skills. Once you set your profile to currently available, we can contact you and match you with a job offer that fits your qualifications. Our clients regularly re-engage professionals they have worked with before, so projects with the same clients are common. You will also enjoy the networking opportunities and support of Our Community of Experts.
Clients and Jobs
How much will I get paid?
All Randlab members set their own hourly rate and are paid according to the type of engagement - full-time (40 hours per week), part-time (20 hours per week) or hourly. If you need help setting a rate, Our team is happy to help you determine a competitive rate, but the final decision is yours.
Can I work on more than one Randlab job at a time?
Of course you have that option. Many clients prefer to work with Our Specialists on a full-time basis (40 hours per week), but we also have many part-time (20 hours per week) and hourly opportunities. Typically, members of our network will receive inquiries about new work opportunities when their current projects are nearing completion dates
Are all jobs at Randlab remote?
Most of the jobs offered through Randlab are completely remote. As more and more people seek remote work opportunities, the need for a physical office is decreasing. Randlab is part of the remote work trend. Randlab freelancers around the world work according to schedules they set with our clients. There are also occasional job offers with the possibility of onsite work, but we always mark this possibility for our candidates.
Requirements For Joining
How to become a successful specialist at Randlab?
Randlab's most decent freelancers usually have at least 2-3 years of relevant experience, excellent communication skills and are able to keep up with projects quickly. They are constantly looking for opportunities to improve their skills. Foreign language skills are also an important aspect, as we often work with international companies.
What should I expect from the screening process?
Our screening process identifies Randlab talent by measuring practical knowledge, professionalism and communication skills. The full screening process takes about 1.5 hours and consists of an English question, an English knowledge test, and a practical programming test.
Can I start the screening process while I am working on other projects?
Of course! You can start the screening process whenever you are ready. As soon as you complete the screening process and create a profile on Our platform, you will gain access to receive active job offers that match your skills. You can start working with Randlab clients whenever you are available.